Data Protection for the Modern Business

Many businesses today are using antiquated backup solutions, our team stays on top of the latest solutions for you

Instant File Recovery

Instant File Recovery

In case of file corruption or damage your staff can reach out to our help desk and have it recovered in minutes. No more hours of file recovery.

Multiple Copies

Multiple Copies

Most solutions only backup your data to one location leaving it vulnerable to hardware or environmental disasters. Our team deploys appliances that backup your data to multiple locations

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Our engineers will work with your business on periodically testing your disaster recovery plan. Our solutions allow your business to spin up backups in the cloud in case of an environmental disaster

Security First

Security First

All of our backup devices use the latest encryption methods which protects your data during transit and while it waits for restore

Bits and Bytes Makeup your Business

Our philosophy behind data loss is not if but when…data protection is the first solution we put in place for all managed clients

  • Each managed service contract has backup monitoring in place
  • Every backup solution we put in place is cloud ready
  • All backups are audited daily by our team and instantly repaired if there are any issues

Next Generation Backup Polices

We put solutions in place where your data is backed up whether its in your server room or the cloud. Your business’s data will be backed up multiple times a day ensuring your business never loses any work.

Our team audits and tests your business backups on a daily basis making sure your business is covered in the event of data loss. 

Backup More than Just Servers...

We understand that saving to shared drives can be tough to remember in the midst of work. Our backup policies allow individual laptops to be backed up and ready to restore when they fail.

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